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Who is Craig and how can I help you?

Craig Riley SEO Zimbabwe

Hello and welcome to BabweSEO.com

My name is Craig, I am an SEO specialist based in Zimbabwe.

Welcome… my name is Craig Riley, I have been helping business and website owners optimise their websites since 2005. 

I predominantly work with small to medium businesses and aim to increase their company’s turnover through Search Engine Optimisation.

What started as a hobby turned into a lifelong challenge

Back in 2005, I was curious about websites and how businesses utilise them to gain customers. I spent hours researching website design and it took many failed attempts before people started to like what I was doing. Boom, I got my first client!

Now I had a client for a small service-based website, my goal was to try and get it to appear on Google. A completely different challenge that’s for sure. There are so many more elements that need to be 100% before Google and other search engines start to look at your website.

This was the start of my SEO journey and today, I am still learning, still testing and still getting first-page rankings for my websites as well as my clients.

Today, I build websites with the view to test new SEO techniques that I have come across to see if they work of not. I never try techniques on a client’s website if I have not tried it on my own. 

Life outside of work

My Family

My absolute #1 in the world is my family, Tamlyn and Jackson. I look forward to the time I spend with both of them. They are the reason why I get up in the morning and why I work so hard in the first place.

Water Polo Coach

For 10 years I have been coaching water polo at CBC school in Bulawayo. It was my passion sport while I was at school and coaching is a way that I can give back as the coaches before me did so. It is something I enjoy and it gives me joy. A chance to help mould young men before they leave to start their lives. 

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