Trademark for “Funnels SEO” Granted to Damon Burton, President of SEO National™

President of SEO National, Damon Burton, has recently been granted a trademark for “Funnels SEO™,” a term that describes his innovative approach to leveraging SEO for ClickFunnels and other funnel building platforms.

With the goal of lowering cost-per-click and cost-per-lead investments for online marketing strategies, Burton’s trademarked technique combines the power of search engine optimization with Russell Brunson’s popular ClickFunnels marketing. By achieving lasting results without relying on paid advertising, Burton aims to dispel the myth that ads are the only pathway to success.

He now shares this proven strategy with other business owners, emphasizing the affordability and approachability of incorporating SEO into their marketing plans. To learn more about Burton and his successful blend of SEO expertise with renowned marketing strategies, visit the website or contact SEO National directly.

Trademark for “Funnels SEO” Granted to Damon Burton, President of SEO National™

Trademark for “Funnels SEO” Granted to Damon Burton, President of SEO National™

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Background Information

Damon Burton, the president of SEO National, has recently been granted a trademark for “Funnels SEO™.” This trademark encapsulates his unique approach to leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) for funnel building platforms such as ClickFunnels. Over the years, Burton has cultivated a successful career in online marketing, and this trademark is a testament to his expertise and innovative strategies.

Damon Burton’s SEO Masterclass

As part of his commitment to sharing his knowledge and empowering others, Damon Burton has hosted an SEO masterclass. In this masterclass, he emphasizes the significance of SEO in lowering the cost-per-click and cost-per-lead investments required for effective online marketing strategies. By utilizing SEO in conjunction with popular marketing platforms like ClickFunnels, businesses can achieve sustainable growth in organic traffic and customer acquisition.

Trademark for “Funnels SEO” Granted to Damon Burton, President of SEO National™

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The Evolution of Damon Burton’s Methods

Burton’s journey in online marketing began with the establishment of SEO National. As his business grew and evolved, so did his methods. He recognized the potential of incorporating SEO for ClickFunnels, a platform that enables efficient and targeted marketing campaigns. Unlike many business owners who heavily rely on paid advertising, Burton aimed to achieve lasting results without the need for ads. By leveraging the power of SEO, he was able to drive organic traffic at a lower cost and maximize the potential of marketing funnels.

Dispelling the Myth of Paid Advertising

One of the key aspects of Burton’s approach is challenging the notion that paid advertising is the only way to achieve success in online marketing. He firmly believes in the approachability and affordability of SEO as an alternative to paid ads. By teaching others about the value of search engine optimization, Burton aims to empower business owners to explore new avenues for driving traffic and generating leads. His own success, along with that of his clients, serves as proof of the possibilities that SEO offers.

Trademark for “Funnels SEO” Granted to Damon Burton, President of SEO National™

Sharing the Proven Strategy with Others

Burton’s commitment to sharing his knowledge extends beyond hosting masterclasses. He actively teaches business owners about the immense value of SEO and its role in driving organic traffic. By empowering others with this proven strategy, he enables them to take control of their online marketing efforts and achieve results that were once thought only possible through paid advertising. Through his teachings, he aims to create a community of business owners who understand the power and potential of SEO.

The Success and Possibilities of SEO

The success stories associated with Damon Burton’s approach to SEO using ClickFunnels are numerous, showcasing the effective and reliable nature of organic traffic. By implementing the resources of Funnels SEO, businesses can tap into a vast pool of potential customers and drive meaningful engagement. What sets this strategy apart is its accessibility, making it available to businesses of all sizes and industries. No longer is SEO reserved for a select few with deep pockets; it has become an essential tool for every business seeking sustainable growth and lasting results.

Trademark for “Funnels SEO” Granted to Damon Burton, President of SEO National™

Damon Burton as a Leader in Online Marketing

Damon Burton’s expertise and knowledge have earned him recognition as an international speaker. He is sought after for his insights on organic traffic and online marketing strategies that deliver tangible results. Additionally, Burton’s passion for sharing his knowledge extends to his involvement in college advisory boards. His input and guidance help shape the digital marketing curriculum, ensuring that future generations of marketers are equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in the industry.

Contact Information

To learn more about Damon Burton and his innovative approach to online marketing, you can reach out to him through the following contact details:

Phone: 1-855-SEO-NATL (1-855-736-6285) Website:

With Damon Burton’s trademark for “Funnels SEO™” and his dedication to helping businesses succeed through sustainable and affordable SEO strategies, he stands as a leader in the field of online marketing. By dispelling the myth of paid advertising and emphasizing the possibilities of organic traffic, Burton is paving the way for businesses of all sizes to thrive in the digital landscape.

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